Geek Tank Radio and Our New Robot Masters

In this all-new season of GTR, Andy takes on EA’s newest Star Wars game, Brodee has a “rat problem,” Joe fears the Rise of the Walmart Robots, and Brandon lays out the plans for Disney+! All this and more on Geek Tank Radio.

Cryo-Joe - 041219x1

Joe is going to extremes to avoid ENDGAME spoilers!

Prof Gilbreath’s 17,520 Hour Photo - 041219x2

We’ve seen the first photos of a black hole, and Allan discusses the finer points on the universe.

EA: Fallen Developer - 041219x3

There’s an awesome new Star Wars game coming, but do we really want give EA our money?

Disney+’s High Hopes - 041219x4

Brandon runs down the plan for Disney’s new streaming service, and it’s so much more than we deserve!

CONSpiracy Nation: Walbots - 041219x5

The Robot Rebellion begins on Aisle 66…

NetFIX: The Missing Queue - 041219x6

We’ve all got that one show in our watchlists that we’ll never watch…

We Got Random! - 041219x7

Mashed potatoes, coffee and rats full of drugs? Must be time to get random!

The first-ever image of a black hole, 55 million light years from Earth

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