Brodee's Afternoon HEADLINES:

Ariana Grande made BANK at Coachella plus Aretha Franklin wins a Pulitzer and Bieber gets sued!

It's no secret that Coachella pays it's artists nicely for their performances but Ariana Grande made BANK at this years Coachella raking in a cool $8 Million! Nice!

Aretha Franklin just won a Pulitzer Prize! As reported by the USA Today Aretha is being awarded a special posthumous Pulitzer Prize in honor of her “indelible contribution to American musical and culture for more than five decades.”

Bieber is accused of permanently injuring a photographer who stood in front of his truck while he was leaving church back in 2017, and now the photog has filed a lawsuit against the singer. The photog in question was clipped and went to the ground with minor injuries. Bieber stayed with him until the ambulance arrived. Check out the video

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