Brodee's Afternoon HEADLINES:

We get our first “look” at Mark Hamill as Chucky plus Jason Momoa shaves his iconic beard and Jeopardy champ sets another new record.

Mark Hamill is the new voice of the OG toy-come-to-life horror tale of Chucky. Check out the latest trailer!

Jason Momoa has a new hairless look. He shaved his iconic beard for a good cause, to help raise the awareness of the use of aluminum cans vs the use of plastic bottles. He looks like an entirely different person tbh.

He's surely off to become the new Jeopardy king because he keeps setting new records. James Holzhauer just broke his old single game record by earning a staggering $131,127 in a single game. His old record was a mere $110,914. Host Alex Trebeck also gave an update on how his cancer treatment is going.

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