Brodee's Afternoon HEADLINES:

Lil Dicky celebrates Earth Day w a monster collab plus how John Legend made #Easter quite memorable. Britney Spears steps out of rehab, Eminem celebrates and a bad weekend for movies but some watchables that need to be on your radar.

Happy Earth Day! Lil Dicky got all caught up in the Earth and released a super collab called Earth. It featured 30 or so guests singing the voices of animals, places, people, or viruses that Lil Dicky finds funny. He convincedAriana Grandeto play a zebra,Miley Cyrusto play an elephant, Kevin Hart to playKanye West, andLil Yachtyto play the HPV virus. Seriously the vid is worth the watch!

Hope you had a happy Easter! Kanye put on a "sermon" at Coachella that 50K attended and John Legend dressed up as the Easter Bunny to spread the cheer.

Britney Spears to a "break" from the mental health facility she's been seeking treatment from and took a day trip with her new BF Sam Asghari for Easter

And it was a big weekend for rapper Eminem as he celebrated 11 years of sobriety! CONGRATS!

Now the not so great news over the weekend. It was a BAD weekend at the box office as it reported the worst numbers in a quarter century. TBH the only movie to hit was The Curse of La Llaorona and everyone's probably saving up to catch Avengers: Endgame this weekend... I know I am!

Now some watchables on your radar need to be Knock Down The House which follows the stories of four inspiring women who took on history in the 2018 midterm election. That hits Netflix May 1 and this week on Riverdale is Luke Perry's final episode.

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