Brodee's Afternoon HEADLINES:

Loads of records were set over the weekend. From Endgame to Taylor Swift. Tell ya which ones. Plus not good news for Woodstock 50 or for Santa Clarita Diet but congrats news for Idris Elba Unfortunately have to start it out with the sad breaking news...

Unfortunately some breaking news to start us off... John Singleton, who was in a coma following a stroke died this afternoon. Of course he's remembered as a trailblazing filmmaker ‘Boyz N The Hood’. He was 51. RIP Mr. Singleton

Now that record breaking news with Taylor Swift who world premiere'd her new single ME! on Friday. It set a WHOLE bunch of records YouTube tweeted on Sunday that the video had broken the record for highest female and solo 24-hour debut for any music video with 65.2 million views. Vevo saying the most views in a single day. Amazon added that ME! broke two records-- one for most first-day streams, and one for the most on-demand voice requests with Alexa than any other single debut on Amazon Music.

The other record breaker over the weekend was of course Avengers: Endgame. By now you've heard the staggering number of $1.2 BILLION worldwide but that could be kind of low as it's being reported that here domestically is in the ball park of $300Million plus!

Now onto the sad bit of the news in that organizers behind the Woodstock 50th anniversary festival are canceling it due to funding. I guess rather than putting on a Fyre Fest situation they cut they're losses

"We don’t believe the production of the festival can be executed as an event worthy of the Woodstock Brand name."

Speaking of getting canceled, Netflix has cancelled Santa Clarita Diet much to the dismay of fans who took to Twitter to... well.. do what you do on Twitter and say how much Netflix is wrong.

Now back on to the happy news and that is CONGRATS IDRIS ELBA! Got married to his long time girlfriend over the weekend!

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