Brodee's Afternoon HEADLINES:

Some records were set at last nights Billboard Music Awards plus a wedding and divorce and who’s NOT signed up for season 6 of Empire

The Billboard Music Awards went down last night and were kicked off with the first LIVE performance of ME! from Taylor Swift and Bendon Urie. The Jonas Brothers also put on one heck of a perfomance but not to be outdone, BTS and Halsey showed up and out!

2019 Billboard Highlights - Thumbnail Image

2019 Billboard Highlights

Speaking of the Jonas Brothers, CONGRATS Joe and his WIFE Sophie Turner. They got married in a surprise wedding in Vegas last night!

I guess more congrats to Adele as she ID'd a meme signifying her separation from her husband. I say congrats cause she seemed pretty happy about it.

SPOILER ALERT... sort of. The execs at FOX told us this MIGHT be happening but made it official today releasing the statement that Jussie Smollet will NOT be returning to Empire for season 6.

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