Brodee's Afternoon HEADLINES:

Another World Premiere day! This one from Shawn Mendes plus we say goodbye to Star Wars OG Peter Mayhew as Stars remember the iconic Chewie actor. The director has already apologized and is going to fix nightmare fuel that is Sonic and Kelly Clarkson might be super human. Here’s what’s up.

Another week and another World Premiere! This time from Shawn Mendes! It's called "If I Can’t Have You” and deserves a listen and WATCH!

Late yesterday evening we got the word that legendary Star Wars actor behind the Chewbacca mask, Peter Mayhew, passed away. Some of the original cast like Mark Hamill and Harrison Ford, obviously, paid their respects.

Since we first saw the nightmare fuel that is Sonic in his Live Action form the internet has been roasting the design. Well, the director has heard us loud and clear and is planning on a redesign. Just no human teeth pal.

So apparently Kelly Clarkson is a super human. She hosted the Billboard Music Awards and was apparently suffering from appendicitis the ENTIRE time! Seriously! She flew back home right after the show to have surgery. She is the definition of a BAMF!

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