Brodee's Afternoon HEADLINES:

Meghan Markle's gettin shade from the fam plus (speaking of mothers) celebs share their Mother's Day love and Demi Lovato stuns and shares some big news while on vacation.

So not EVERYONE is sending well wishes to Meghan Markle and the Royal Family after the birth of Archie (the royal baby). Meghan's HALF brother sending shade saying "Maybe she will see the importance of family now". Bro... really? Not only did she JUST give birth but now she's getting her first Mother's Day... can ya tone down the sass?

Speaking of Mother's Day. Some celebs were sharing Mom posts and really hit in the feels... from Chrissy Teigan to Michelle Obama. Hope you had a good Mother's Day with mom.

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Lastly, speaking of posting. Demi Lovato is posting some BEAUTIFUL shots while on vacation and dropping some surprises! Among the vacation photos she shared one of her and her NEW MANAGER Scooter Braun! What does this mean? More music.... period. and to that we say YAY!

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