Brodee's Afternoon HEADLINES:

Kit Harington checks into a clinic after Game of Thrones plus Alex Trebek's cancer is in "near remission". Britney Spears shuts down haters and stuns in an IG post and the return of Blues Clues?

Kit Harington is proud of his decision to get help, as he continues to recover from exhaustion, stress and alcohol use at a mental health facility in Connecticut. He checked in by himself and his wife said that it was only after the finale of Game of Thrones and it all set in that it was over that it hit Kit. Get well soon Kit!

Great news for Jeopardy fans as host Alex Trebek says his cancer is in "near remission"! He still has several rounds of chemotherapy still to go so Trebek doesn't yet have a clean bill of health, but he is crediting the support and prayers he has received from fans for his progress so far.

Britney Spears is firing back at haters on Instagram as she stuns in a zebra print bikini.

and on a side note... We got a look at the new Blue's Clues.. yeah... it's coming back! No Steve is still "in college" but Josh is the new host and Blue got the CGI upgrade.

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