Brodee's Afternoon HEADLINES:

Scary moment for Miley Cyrus and hubby Liam Hemsworth as they fought off a “grabby” fan. Jay Z hit a HUGE milestone, Fergie has a change and we get a look at the lioness Beyoncé

In a "What's wrong with some people" moment. While Miley and Liam Hemsworth were in Barcelona they encountered a very... handsey fan that grabbed Miley around the neck and planted a kiss on her cheek! Presumably, security got "dude" off of her and whisked away and she caught up to Liam the rest of the fan filled walk. You can see the vid below.

Props are in order for Jay-Z for hitting a milestone that I honestly thought he already hit... He's officially a billionaire according to Forbe's

It's been a minute... well since THAT rendition of the National Anthem that we've seen or heard from Fergie... well... She's back in the news. This time asking the courts for her old name back. She no longer wants to go by Fergie Duhamel (since her and Josh are getting divorced) but back to her old name Stacy Ann Ferguson.. I wonder if she's dropping Fergie too?

and last bit of news. We FINALLY get a look (and listen) of Beyonce as the lioness Nala in the upcoming live action Lion King coming out officially July 19th! Give the newest trailer a watch!

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