Brodee's Afternoon HEADLINES:

The side eye heard around the world and has the Beyhive sending accounts to private plus Baby Shark isn't going anywhere, Black Mirror reviews are coming in and just what you needed! Another streaming service (really...)

It was THE side eye that everyone has been talking about all day. I'm talking the side eye Beyonce gave to the Warrior's owner's wife when she had a bit of a convo with Jay Z at last night's game. Well what's the aftermath? The Beyhive sending the lady DEATH THREATS! So much so that it sent the owner's wife IG profile to private! See... Now that's not cool.

If you have kids YOU KNOW there is no getting rid of... dun duh duuuhhhhh... Baby Shark. and it looks like it's not going anywhere as Nickelodeon is saying an animated series is on the way... joy.

The reviews for the latest season of Black Mirror are rolling in and it seems that no matter how many stars they packed into this season it's being called the "worst". in fact Miley Cyrus' episode is where the season "nosedives"... yikes.

As if you needed ANOTHER streaming service AT&T is putting their hat in the ring saying that they too will be launching a streaming service courtisey of Time Warner. The entire Warner Bros. libraries will be available for $16-$18 / mo. Yeah... That's what we need.

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