Brodee's Afternoon HEADLINES:

Mary J. Blige gets a HUGE honor plus the REASON Big Papi got shot might be because of THIS (revealed) model and The Shining gets a sequel.

Mary J. Blige just got a HUGE nod thanks to the upcoming BET Awards. They announced their full noms but the big takeaway is the induction of Mary J. Blige into the Lifetime Achievement Award recipiants list. She joins Anita Baker, New Edition, Charlie Wilson, Prince, Whitney Houston, Diana Ross and James Brown.

We're starting to learn more about David Ortiz's murder attempt down in the Dominican Republic. Daily Mail is reporting that Big Papi was involved in a love triangle with model, Maria Yeribell Martinez Garcia who was caught on camera FIGHTING in the loby Maria Yeribell Martinez Garcia, who is seen fighting in the hospital lobby where Ortiz was getting surgery to remove the bullet. Honestly, it's turning out to be a Lifetime story IRL.

We're officially getting a Shining 2... The Shining sequel titled Dr. Sleep will be out in November and yes, it's chock full of throwbacks to the OG.

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