Brodee's Afternoon HEADLINES:

There's the sad and sadder news today unfortunately starting with the rumors of The Office being true and the breakup of Camila Cabello. On the hopeful side, a couple of tweets could point to a Breaking Bad reunion and the newest OITNB trailer

Sad to say the rumors are TRUE when it comes to The Office leaving Netflix. It was revealed today the NBCUniversal is paying up BIG to get the show back. $500Million kind of big so they can put it on their own streaming service. sigh...

IDK if it's the timing or just the way it played out but it's official that Camila Cabello has broken it off with her boyfriend Matthew Hussey. This is just days before the release of her collab with Shawn Mendes 'Senorita'. I mean, I ain't saying THAT'S the reason buuuuttt....

Enough of the sadness.. here's some potential goodness!

2 identical tweets coming from costars that we want a reunion from... Bryan Cranston AND Arron Paul both tweeting the same image and the same caption soooo... Breaking Bad reunion? please?

Lastly, The latest and final trailer for the last season of Orange is the new Black dropped. It's def worth the watch. It has me kinda excited for the finale.

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