A Bear Has Mastered The Art Of Opening Car Doors! What... WHAT?!

We've seen the video's of bears acting suspiciously like humans before but this video is just... well... kinda creepy. Watch as this bear is Gatlinburg learns the art of opening car doors! Only a matter of time before they're driving y'all!

Here's the FULL story:

The video, recorded outside a house in Gatlinburg, shows the bear standing outside the parked vehicle while the woman films from the safety of her own vehicle.

The woman expresses astonishment as the bear skillfully opens two doors of the vehicle at the same time. The bear then climbs inside in an apparent search for snacks.

"I was going to do an inspection when I saw this bear walking toward the car. She opened the minivan like a person, in fact, two doors at a time," the woman wrote.

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