Brodee's Afternoon HEADLINES:

If you didn't know... Ed Sheeran has a FIRE new album out and people are FREAKING (rightfully so), plus speaking of music Lil Nas X remixes Old Town Road the Yodel Kid way and Cardi B comes to the defense of ALL female rappers after Jermaine Dupri's comments.

Perhaps you've heard, Ed Sheeran's collab filled album is out and people are FREAKING over it calling it the best album of the year. (We happen to agree, btw) Here are our 4 favs.

Speaking of music. Lil Nas X has officially remixed his song AGAIN this time including the viral yodeler Mason Ramsey and Young Thug. It's DEF worth the listen!

Now unfortunatly there's some bad news today... Well, Well say What are YOU thinking? Jermaine Dupri.decided to liken today's female rappers to "strippers rapping," Yeah...It didn't sit well with Cardi B either who clapped back on IG saying "First of all, I rap about my p---y because she's my best friend. You know what I'm saying? And second of all, it's because it seems like that's what people want to hear."

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