Brodee's Afternoon HEADLINES

Hope you're ready for newness today! From Beyonce's Lion King album to Veronica Mars to ALL of the trailers that dropped today.

A TON of newness today.

Lets start it with the music coming from the queen herself. Beyonce's Lion King album has dropped. It;s got EVERYTHING from Blu Ivy, to Childish Gambino and people are rightfully ON IT!

If you were excited for the return of Veronica Mars when it was announced that the show was getting picked up and revived by Hulu; you don't have to wait long as it is OUT NOW! Seriously, we just got the announce a few weeks ago and now our streaming hearts are full!

Now for the movies! Oh the trailers! TOM CRUISE lookin FLY in the new Top Gun sequel and literally EVERYONE is in the new Cats movie (and it's kinda nightmarish but looks cool all at the same time)

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