Brodee's Afternoon HEADLINES:

Comic Con has given us PLENTY to talk about from Natalie Portman as Thor to the laundry list of trailers. Not to mention the newest Mister Rogers trailer looking amazing and CONGRATS are in order to Lil Nas X.

There was alot of news, like always, that flowed from the halls of comic con. And alot of movie news. Lets start it with the MASSIVE amount of trailers that dropped, of course, Cats, It Chapter 2, Top Gun. There was a lot and you can find them all HERE

Now the other bit of news that surfaced from ComicCon was that Natalie Portman is our new Thor! She's obviously no stranger to the franchise and the casting isn't without it's critics from fans but I think it'll be interesting if nothing else!

To stay on the trailers we just got a view of Tom Hanks as Mister Rogers in the new biopic and he looks SPOT ON!

Now away from the movie news and to CONGRATS news to Lil Nas X. Of course, having the #1 song in the world but he's now tied the chart record for longest streak at #1!

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