Brodee’s Afternoon HEADLINES:

J.Lo gets emotional thanks to ARod’s birthday tribute plus (speaking of emotional) Taylor Swift drops The Archer and people have theories, Stranger Things Steve drops some music and fans are NOT happy with the addition of a VMA category. Here’s what’s up

ARod has just raised the bar for ANYONE in a relationship. His tribute to Jennifer Lopez on her 50th birthday is magical. Happy Birthday JLo! Now where are the tissues?

Speaking of emotional, Taylor Swift dropped her "emotionally vulnerable" song (Track 5) yeasterday called The Archer and fans are starting to speculate. Is it about her boyfriend Joe is it about something that happened in a bar in East London with the same name?

Speaking of music, Is there ANYTHING the Stanger Things kids CAN'T do? Joe Keery, aka Steve, released a song titled Roddy and it's catchy as hell!

Lastly, fans are NOT happy with the MTV VMAs this year. Not because their fav artist got the snub but for the addition of the new category "Best K-Pop" saying "why create a NEW category when these artists SHOULD be included with the categories already established? TBH, they have a point.

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