Brodee’s Afternoon HEADLINES:

Today’s all about the “reboot news” some, like Wil lAnd Grace and a Game of Thrones redo are a no go while Gwen Stefani is pleading with Kanye for one! Here’s what’s up

Let's start with the negative reboot news,

Sorry Will and Grace fans. There will NOT be a season 12. Will and Grace's reboot season will be it's last as the show has been officially canceled... again.

and sorry to Game of Thrones fans because all of that begging, pleading, and petetioning for a redo of the final episode isn't going to happen, so says the HBO heads. Instead they're focusing on the future (or the past) with the prequels.

The last bit of news is pretty positive because Gwen Stefani has FINALLY heard Kanye's Don't Speak. Obviously, the No Doubt cover finally made it her way and she LOVED it so much she's asking Kanye to do a full version.

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