Brodee’s Afternoon HEADLINES:

CONGRATS to Lil Nas X on a HUGE accomplishment plus Lizzo has some new music and Jessica Alba has her account hacked. Here’s what’s up

CONGRATS to Lil Nas X! He has officially broken the record for longest streak at no.1. He beat Mariah Carey's 16 week record. Lil Nas X joking that he's send her flowers to mark the occasion. sweet?

Speaking of music, Lizzo dropped some new music. Her new song Tempo features none other than Missy Elliot and it has the music video treatment!

If you follow Jessica Alba on Twitter you might have noticed some odd activity on her account. It makes sense since her account was hacked. The hackers wreaking her feed with racist and homophobic posts. Her account has been shut down while an investigation is launched.

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