Geek Tank Radio: The Long Ole Wind

OGP - 072619 Ep. 1:

The Original Geek Patrolers take to the air in a throwback sort of way.

Prof. Gilbreath's Mental Mechanics - 072619 Ep. 2:

Allan dives deep into the nano world and gives prosthesis a mind of their own.

Prepare for Trouble - 072619 Ep. 3:

Brodee and Brandon get excited for Team Rocket's invasion of Pokemon GO!, while Andy laments the U.K. deciding not to regulate lootbox mechanics!

The GTR Wayback Machine - 072619 Ep. 4:

The OGP gives us the rundown on the history of Geek Tank Radio!

Number 1 Pupper - 072619 Ep. 5:

Joe and Brandon glow with excitement for the new Star Trek series, "Picard!"

Lockley's Lament: SDCC - 072619 Ep. 6:

In an all-new segment, Andy gets a chance to let his geek rage run rampant as he, Brandon and Brodee talk the fallout from San Diego Comic-Con!

One Man Review: Batman: HUSH - 072619 Ep. 7

Brandon saw the animated Batman: HUSH, and he's got some things to say about it!

Get Yo' Fix - 072619 Ep. 8:

Brandon, Brodee, and Andy tell you all about their NetFIXES from this week! Fair warning: some of these trailers may be NSFW!

Locked and Loaded: Picking up the Shells - 072619 Ep. 9

It's the return of Locked and Loaded as Brandon gives Joe and Allan a rapid-fire news rundown!

The Random End - 072619 Ep. 10:

Things get random as the Geek Patrol brings more weird and wacky news!

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