The Geek Patrol Gets Salty!

BTYB: Aquacon - 081619 Ep. 1

Joe tells us about a new convention for all for fans of Aquaman!

Prof. Gilbreath's Got an App for That - 081619 Ep. 2

Allan presents a new method of taking medication... which can be controlled with your phone!

The Greatest Superhero Game Ever!! - 081619 Ep. 3

The guys discuss why Superman, the first (and arguably greatest) superhero, can't seem to get off the ground with a video game.

AlienStock is NOT on Fyre! - 081619 Ep. 4

The Area 51 raid is morphing into a free music festival, and the Geeks discuss whether or not it will be a bust.

One Man Review: Double Feature - 081619 Ep. 5

Brandon saw a pair of movies this week--The Banana Splits and Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark--and gives the rest of us the rundown!

One GLOW to Rule Them All! - 081619 Ep. 6

The Geek Patrol gets their NetFIX on for this week!

EA can SUCK IT! - 081619 Ep. 7

Once again, Andy is not happy with EA... and the guys have to bear the brunt of his frustrations.

Modnar! Modnar! - 081619 Ep. 8

The Geeks are at it again... and things get really random, really fast.

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