Brodee’s Afternoon HEADLINES:

New music alert! Taylor Swift dropped Lover and we’re LOVING it plus Missy Elliott dropped some new music too. We got a look at Lady And The Tramp Live action redux and (be still our hearts) Tom Holland reunites with RDJ amid the Spider-Man turmoil. Here’s what’s up

NEW MUSIC DAY! and alot to unpack as Taylor Swift's Lover dropped today as well as new music video for her title track.

Not to be outdone. Missy Elliott dropped a surprise EP today called Iconology!

In the "do we NEED this" category. We're getting a live action remake of Lady And The Tramp and TBH it looks like an Air Bud movie. Of course, I'm basing this on the poster that was released today.

Amid the whole Disney and Sony Spider-Man drama Tom Holland and Robert Downey Jr. got together and sent out what looks like pics as if they were getting ready or shooting another Spider-Man movie. the two joking around and having a laugh all while we're sitting here crying over the drama... no it's cool guys... totally cool.

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