Brodee’s Afternoon HEADLINES:

The latest Star Wars teaser has fans thinking Rae has a mean streak plus Shawn Mendes is scared about the VMA performance Obama’s Summer Playlist is released and artists (and people) are reacting and Leonardo DiCaprio pledges to fight the fires. Here’s what’s up.

The D23 summit is happening and we're getting a WHOLE lotta Disney looks. from Lady and the Tramp to new services and info on Disney+ but the one OTHER thing getting attention was the reveal of the latest Star Wars teaser. Some fans speculating that Rae is gonna turn bad guy and others saying NO NO NO but hey.. we won't have to wait THAT long. The movie's out in December.

It shouldn't be a surprise to true Mendes fans to hear this but Shawn Mendes has come out and said that his VMA performance with Camila Cabello SCARES him. They're set to perform Senorita this year and Shawn has perfomance anxiety BAD. Here's the thing. He'll be fine.. I mean he'll have his girlfriend with him right? lol

President Obama's Summer playlist has been released and it's HUGE it's 50+ tracks and artists are giving their amazed reactions to it. Lizzo tweeting "IM NOT OK!!!" TBH it WOULD be pretty awesome to be recognized like that.

Leonardo DiCaprio is doing his part. He's vowed $5million to help fight the wild fires ravaging the Amazon Rain Forrest and while it's probably going to take way more than that it's a big help no doubt.

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