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Liam Hemsworth weighs in on Miley’s VMA performance as Taylor Swift and Missy Elliot score ALL the attention plus Demi Lovato lands another roll and Leslie Jones calls it quits. Here’s what’s up

The VMAs went down last night and the big winners were Taylor Swift and Missy Elliot but it was a wild VMAs. Very emotional. Cue Miley Cyrus' "Slide Away" performance. It's being called her "divorce song" and it's being met with a mixed bag of reviews but how does her ex feel about it? Well, Liam Hemsorth was asked and he basically said IDK, I didn't watch it". wow.

2019 MTV VMA Recap - Thumbnail Image

2019 MTV VMA Recap

Demi Lovato is on a sky rocket ride rn in her career. The movie roll, album talk, and now on the small screen landing a roll on Will ANd Grace's final season. Not just a cameo either. a 3 episode recurring role! Not many details on her character but exciting none-the-less.

Leslie Jones is calling it quits. She says she will not be returning to SNL this season.

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