Brodee’s Afternoon HEADLINES:

Taylor Swift is an open book in her most recent Rolling Stone interview plus Backstreet Boys’ Nick Carter has some brotherly issues AGT finalists play it out Céline Dion is back and The Office reboot might actually be happening

Taylor Swift is back with Rolling Stone and talking about EVERYTHING! Rehashing how she REALLY feels about Kanye and (the not so secret feelings) with Scooter Braun to her new album lover which she calls a more "adult" album to keep her going the next decade!

There's a little "brotherly issues" when it comes to the Carter family. Backstreet Boys' Nick Carter has filed a restraining order against disgruntled brother Aaron Carter. Aaron having a few issues right now, hopefully he gets the help he needs.

The finalists took the AGT stage last night all vying for that coveted $1 Million plus Vegas show and at this point all signs point to Kodi Lee to take the crown. Honestly, I would be surprised if he DOESN'T win.

Céline Dion is back! She's released 3 new songs and has a new album out this Fall! Check out her songs Lying Down, Courage, and Imperfections!

Lastly, how many weeks have we talked and been yearning for an Office reboot well NBC has finally made some statements about it saying that they DEF want to do a reboot and are exploring the options BUT they can't do anything until January 2021

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