Brodee’s Afternoon HEADLINES:

Will Smith surprises those awesome Memphis teens on Ellen, the full Emmy noms are in, GLOW is getting its send off, the Storm Area 51 fest is this weekend as well as our #iHeartFestival2019 and we’ve got new music from Maroon 5 and Bebe Rexha

By now you know of the great Memphis teens, Kristopher and Antwain that gave their classmate, Micheal, clothes after he had been bullied. Right. Well They made it to Ellen and got surprised by none other than Will Smith and he showered them with some dope clothes and they got the hook up from Shutterfly and it's just a great vid to kick off your weekend. So cool!

The Emmy nominations are ALL in for this year and it looks like Game of Thrones is set to dominate when it comes to receiving the hardware. Check out the full list HERE

Speaking of TV GLOW just got a glow up from Netflix getting renewed for season 4 and they've already said this WILL be the final season. I'm happy for them! and super stoked we get another season. Bittersweet tho.

Not only is our iHeartRadio Music Festival happening this weekend but the "Alien-stock" "Storm Area 51" fest (?) is this weekend and people are already flocking to Rachel NV. It's shaping up to be something... well... something. Check out the minute-by-minute updates

And of course, WE GOT NEW MUSIC TODAY!!!! Let's start it with Bebe Rexha and her new song from the Maleficent sountrack called "You Can't Stop The Girl"

And the World Premiere from Maroon 5 called Memories.

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