The Geek Patrol Gets Swampy!

BTYB: Swamp Thing Antacids - 092719 Ep. 1

Joe has found us yet another sponsor, but, fair warning, the side effects may be more than most can handle.

Prof. Gilbreath's Shady Balls - 092719 Ep. 2

Allan tells us all about some spherical pond covers... yep.

Tweek Gets Control - 092719 Ep. 3

Andy got his hands on Control, and no one got anything from Sony's State of Play.

Marvelous Star Wars - 092719 Ep. 4

Marvel Cinematic Universe producer Kevin Feige has been handed a Star Wars movie!

CONSpiracy Nation: Milking Area 51 Dry - 092719 Ep. 5

Joe and Brodee have some thoughts about the REAL reason for the Area 51 raid last week.

Breaking News! Spider-Man Stays in the MCU! - 092719 Ep. 6

This just in!

You Know the Patterns Now - 092719 Ep. 7

Ali has an issue with robots...

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