Brodee’s Afternoon HEADLINES:

The Royals are suing plus did Kanye really drop a new album on the DL plus Demi Lovato returns from her Israel trip and is ready!

The Royals are back in the news and dealing with legal woes. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are suing a British paper for allegedly publishing a letter and then editing this letter to make lies up about the Prince and Duchess. IDK but getting sued by the Royal Family is probably bad.

We were promised a new Kanye album last Friday and we didn't get it... or did we? The new Kanye album, titled Yandi, never hit any streaming service or store but it DID hit the itunes ringtones store! Seriously! You can get his new music via ringtones. Not really what we were expecting but... cool?

Demi Lovato is back from a long and "renewing" trip to Isreal. Demi spent a few days in the Holy Land and filled "the God-sized hole in my heart." The pics are really sweet and I kinda wanna book a trip not even gonna lie.

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