The Geek Patrol Gets Fresh!

BTYB: Basement Dweller Air Freshener - 101119 Ep. 1

Just because your life stinks, doesn't mean your man cave has to.

Prof. Gilbreath's Eco Scrubber - 101119 Ep. 2

Allan's found a giant pool divider to catch platics!

WTF Blizzard?! - 101119 Ep. 3

Blizzard Entertainment has stepped in it... up to their knees.

Countdown to MCFC - 101119 Ep. 4

We kickoff the countdown to the Memphis Comic and Fantasy Convention's tenth anniversary in style... sort of. But we do have special guest Alicia Williams from the Memphis Marriott East in to tell us all about the new venue!

Joe vs. Amazon - 101119 Ep. 4

Amazon is taking over the world! Or so Joe believes.

Allan's Alien Abduction - 101119 Ep. 5

In a new segment, Allan tells us all about his experiences as he prepares to be fitted with cyborg parts.

RambleFest 2019! - 101119 Ep. 6

The randoms have come again. May we be shown mercy.

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