My 3 Subs: The Pulling of Whistles

We dive, studs up into the soccer world talking all the news around EVERY league, Jeff Brightwell subs in to talk the college soccer scene, Steve Eordogh is our second sub and gives an incredible look into his journey as a referee in multiple leagues and Tim goes under the VAR hood to look at Zlatan

Welcome to a scary good 1st match of My 3 Subs! We talk the good, bad, and scary from every league. We take a look at all the big news from

Premier League

La Liga

Serie A






Liga MX

and check in with Jeff Brightwell who's got news from the college circuit and who to watch.

We'll take a look at the big injury news and dive into all of the trade talk rumors.

Fans love to hate the Referee. Just like players and coaches, though, match officials have a story, too. Steve Eordogh has been been a part of officiating crews at the higher levels. You may have even seen him on national TV. While his rise from the local rec leagues to being in front of packed stadiums is a story of dedication & perseverance, his story really begins thousands of miles away before he ever picked up a whistle...with a dream of simply wanting a better life. Tim talks to Steve about that dream, when sparked his desire to become a referee, and what is it really like to be in the middle of all the action.

Interested in becoming a referee in our great game? CLICK HERE

And Tim goes under the hood and takes a Van Horn Assisted Review of Arsenal and Zlatan's actions following an early MLS playoff exit.

My 3 Subs: A Soccer Odyssey

Creator/ Manager: Tim Van Horn

Executive Producer/ Chairman: Brodee Scott

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