The Geek Patrol is Star Studded!

BTYB: Optimus Prime Beef - 111019 Ep. 1

Joe has found our tastiest sponsor yet.

Prof. Gilbreath's Illuminations - 110119 Ep. 2

Allan's got... something about illuminated skin. Honestly, we were a bit scared to pay attention.

Podcasting to The Outer Worlds - 110119 Ep. 3

Andy goes on a visit to The Outer Worlds, and gets lost talking about horrible character creators in video games.

KAZHA!!! - 110119 Ep. 4

Our friends from rock sensation Kazha are in the studio to tell us all about their upcoming visit to the Memphis Comic and Fantasy Convention!

Rise of the Rise of Moosewoman - 110119 Ep. 5

Artistry abounds in the studio today, as our friend Cat Knowles comes in to tell us about the Rise of Moosewoman!

Spooky Szn Recap - 110119 Ep. 6

The gang gets deep into their Halloween!

The Break of Day - 110119 Ep. 7

Brandon and Brodee are determined that the rest of us are going to watch Daybreak.

Embracing Your Inner Felicia - 110119 Ep. 8

Supernatural star Felicia Day calls in to talk with Brodee about her new book, Mystery Science Theater 3000, and more!

Brevity is the Soul of Random - 110119 Ep. 9

Things get weird. As usual.

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