Geek Tank Radio has a Convention Coming!

BTYB: Godzilla Tabasco Sauce - 110819 Ep. 1

Joe's found us our hottest sponsor yet!

Prof. Gilbreath's Viking Warrior Crush - 110819 Ep. 2

Allan's finally found himself somebody to love... unfortunately she's a bit too old, even for him.

Death Gets Stranded at Blizzcon - 110819 Ep. 3

Blizzcon happened last week, but all anyone is talking about in gaming is Death Stranding... and how unusual it might be.

When Joe Met Tom Servo - 110819 Ep. 4

Joe is a massive Mystery Science Theater 3000 fan, so imagine his excitement at getting to talk to Tom Servo himself, Conner McGriffin!

Just Because We Can... 110819 Ep. 5 (Explicit)

The gang gets a little heated discussing the use of technological advancements to insert deceased actors into new movies.

The Amazing Mr. Robert Returns! - 110819 Ep. 6

Mr. Robert is here to talk about... well, it's a surprise.

The 411 on Geek 101 - 110819 Ep. 7

Geek 101 is the backbone of the Memphis Comic and Fantasy Convention, and Christian Ross is here from Graceland Exhibition Center to tell us about this year's event!

MCFC CMC Underground - 110819 Ep. 8

Wayne Camp is here from the Cinemasocast to talk about all the nefarious things he's got planned for late night at the convention!

An Apple a Day - 110819 Ep. 9

For our NetFIX this week, Brandon saw a bunch of stuff from AppleTV+, and Ali has some thoughts on Netflix's "The King."

It's the Season that Never Ends - 110819 Ep. 10

Ain't it the truth.

Executive Producer: Brodee Scott

Director: Brandon Olmstead

Host: Joe Thordarson

Editor: Andy Lockley

Senior Correspondent: Allan Gilbreath

Correspondent: Ali Diggs

Guest Contributors: Wayne Camp, Christian Ross, Conner McGriffin, "The Amazing" Mr. Robert

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