My 3 Subs: EURO AND I’ll STEER

The International Break is winding down, but Tim & Brodee have been hard at work checking out the

#Euro2020 and other Qualifying matches from around the world. They’ve also got #CONCACAF Nations

League news (including the #USMNT) as well as finding a few wild stories…referees shoved, coaches

plowed over, and more. They’ll also tell you about the #USL Championship Cup as well as a new place to

watch the Champions League. As usual, the boys also have the latest injury news, transfer rumors and a

look at a hot topic in VAR- Van Horn Assisted Review.

He might be best known as Tim Howard’s first #Goalkeeping Coach, but Tim Mulqueen was and is much

more than that. A former player at the professional level, Mulqueen has been on both sides of the

locker room. Tim Mulqueen sits down with Tim Van Horn to discuss Mulqueen’s transition from player

to coach, including many incredible experiences in #NCAA, #MLS & #USMNT along the way. Now, Tim

Mulqueen is looking to build a winning #USL Championship side and develop that next great player as

Head Coach of #Memphis 901 FC. In this episode, you’ll hear Tim Mulqueen as you’ve never heard him

before, sharing personal stories in a candid conversation.

My 3 Subs: A Soccer Odyssey

Creator/ Manager: Tim Van Horn

Executive Producer/ Chairman: Brodee Scott

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