In a throng of tight domestic leagues, one giant club drops from its perch. Will Arsenal seek high & low for their next Manager, or will they stick with the former underwear model? Dele is a dilly of a player for Jose’ & Spurs! All this plus Tim & Brodee have a Champions League Group Stage Finale preview and an update on transfer rumors & injuries.

Once a writer in that famous series with Tom Clancy as well as author of his own successful Gray Man series for a decade, New York Times Best-Selling Author Mark Greaney knows a thing or two about what makes a good thriller. Mark’s a huge #soccer fan (it’s thrilling too!) & has enjoyed playing the sport recreationally for decades. Mark sits down with Tim to talk about his love of the game, working with the legendary Clancy, and what it took to make his own name in the extremely competitive world of publishing. Whether you’re a fan of soccer, great books, or both, you’re in for a treat this half!

My 3 Subs: A Soccer Odyssey

Creator/ Manager: Tim Van Horn

Executive Producer/ Chairman: Brodee Scott

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