The Geek Patrol Welcomes in 2020!

BTYB: Scorched Earth Vegetarian Chili - 010320 Ep. 1

This week, Joe brings us a sponsor that might cause some genuine revulsion.

Prof. Gilbreath's Blue Sky Reptiles - 010320 Ep. 2

Allan's found some reptiles that might be running around with a little extra energy.

New Decade, Same Ol'... - 010320 Ep. 3

The decade might change, but the gaming news stays pretty much the same.

Toss a Coin - 010320 Ep. 4

With lots of news for lots of different versions of the Witcher, it only seemed appropriate to toss in our two cents.

A Little Taste of Death - 010320 Ep. 5

DC put out an animated short of Death from the Endless, and Joe has some thoughts.

A Jurassic Adventure - 010320 Ep. 6

Jurassic World Live came to town, and we saw it all: the live show, and behind the scenes!

And A Netfix New Year - 010320 Ep. 7

There's quite a bit to stream in 2020, and we've got your breakdown of the best.

New Year, New Random - 010320 Ep. 8

We kick off the new year with a whole new set of randoms!

Executive Producer: Brodee Scott

Director: Brandon Olmstead

Editor: Andy Lockley

Host: Joe Thordarson

Senior Contributor: Allan Gilbreath

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