Arizona Couple Who Got Married At Taylor Swift Concert Speaks Out

Photo: Getty Images

A couple from Arizona took Taylor Swift's lyrics a bit too literally — "It's a love story, baby, just say, 'Yes' — and literally got married at her Swift City concert last weekend.

After the video of their experience went viral on TikTok to the tune of over 6.4 million views, René Hurtado and Max Bochman spoke to Good Morning America about their "Love Story."

"I feel like it's everyone's dream to have their favorite artist sing to them during their first dance so it's just like a fun way that we went about it," Hurtado told the news outlet.

René's husband shared his side of the experience, saying he's "not a big fan of attention," but wanted to do something nice for his lady. "I know how excited René was even before tour dates were announced and we had plans on getting married before our actual wedding so once it finally came around and I knew how excited she'd be, I thought it might have been (a) simple thing to make her happy," he said. "But think I was a little naive at how much attention I was actually going to get."

Videos of the wedding at State Farm Stadium show René in a beautiful wedding dress, complete with a veil and flower bouquet. She also had an arm full of beaded bracelets with sayings like, "Just Married," "'Til Death," "Bride" and "Lover." "Being there was a cool experience and the crowd around us was just so nice as well. So we really felt the love in the moment," she said.

To top off their unforgettable night, the two had their first dance to the tune of "Invisible String." And to make sure they'll never forget it, someone from the crew gave the couple a guitar pick from Taylor's set. "She gives out her guitar picks during her shows but this was nice because it was meant for us," Hurtado said.

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