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Your Memphis Express Select...

The AAF held the first "Pick or Protect" draft party and relieved the fresh, new look of pro football in Memphis. We were on hand to witness history in the making as Coach Singletary and the front office announced our first #protect pic.

First. Just pause and take a look as these FIRE uniforms were revealed! 

After the reveal the Protect's and Picks started rolling in

ROUND 1: Protect or Pick

San Diego Fleet, Atlanta Legends, Memphis Express, and San Antonio Commanders elected to protect.


  1. San Diego Fleet protects: Josh Johnson
  2. Atlanta Legends protects: Aaron Murray
  3. Memphis Express protects: Troy Cook
  4. San Antonio Commanders protects: Dustin Vaughan

Birmingham Iron, Arizona Hotshots, Orlando Apollos, and Salt Lake Stallions elected to pick.


  1. Birmingham Iron picks: Luis Perez
  2. Arizona Hotshots picks: Trevor Knight
  3. Orlando Apollos picks: Garrett Gilbert
  4. Salt Lake Stallions picks: Josh Woodrum

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  1. San Diego Fleet picks: Mike Bercovici 
  2. Birmingham Iron picks: Blake Sims
  3. Arizona Hotshots picks: John Wolford
  4. Orlando Apollos picks: Stephen Morris
  5. Atlanta Legends picks: Matt Simms
  6. Salt Lake Stallions picks: B.J. Daniels
  7. Memphis Express picks: Christian Hackenberg 
  8. San Antonio Commanders picks: Marquise Williams

Here are Penn State's Christian Hackenberg Highlights


  1. San Antonio Commanders picks: Logan Woodside
  2. Memphis Express picks: Brandon Silvers
  3. Salt Lake Stallions picks: Austin Allen
  4. Atlanta Legends picks: Peter Pujals 
  5. Orlando Apollos picks: Austin Appleby
  6. Arizona Hotshots picks: Quinn McQueary
  7. Birmingham Iron picks: Scott Tolzien
  8. San Diego Fleet picks: Philip Nelson

Troy's Brandon Silvers highlights


  1. San Antonio Commanders picks: Dalton Sturm
  2. Memphis Express picks: Zach Mettenberger
  3. Salt Lake Stallions picks: Matt Linehan
  4. Atlanta Legends picks: Justin Holman
  5. Orlando Apollos picks: Kevin Anderson
  6. Arizona Hotshots picks: Jack Heneghan
  7. Birmingham Iron picks: Alek Torgersen
  8. San Diego Fleet picks: Alex Ross

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Our season kicks off Feb. 10th as our Express take on Birmingham Iron. Click the schedule below for tickets! 

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